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Maria and fresh olivesThe region of Andalucia in Southern Spain has the greatest amount of olives in the world.

There are more than 90 varieties of Spanish Olives.

Spain is the first world producer and leader in exporting table olives (According to figures contributed by the Association of Spanish Exporters and Manufacturers of Olives).

Our Olives

Our olives are grown in the region of Granada where they are carefully hand selected and then traditionally cured. They are also hand stuffed using the best of ingredients.

Health Benefits

Olives are characterised by their great nutrional value, rich in high quality lipids. They are predominated by unsaturated fatty acids and particularly oleic acid.

They are a good source of fibre and are easily digested since they contribute more than 1.5 g for every 100kcal of food.

They provide small amounts of carbohydrates and proteins and contain a good proportion of all the essential amino acids.

They are also rich in minerals specially in calcium and iron, some varieties of the table olive also have small amounts of vitamins like pro-vitamin A, vitamin C or thiamine, which are very important for the body’s protective antioxidants.