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El Olivo :: Designation of Origin Oils

El Olivo offers a choice of superior quality Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) extra virgin olive oils, both traditional and organic, from different parts of Spain. Our vinegars both organic (white wine and cider) and traditional (champagne, sherry and saffron) are also of the very highest quality and are available in beautifully styled bottles. Protected Designation of OriginOur Spanish Oil is truly characteristic of the region it comes from, therefore reflecting its traditional flavour and style. We also have exclusivity contracts with the majority of our olive oil producers: you will not be able to get these oils from anywhere else in the UK.

Protected designation of origin extra virgin olive oils

El Olivo offers superior quality traditional and organic extra virgin olive oils which bear the European Union Certificate of Origin P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin) on their labels. Oils covered by the Protected Designation of Origin must meet all requirements of the strict European Regulation describing production conditions (Regulation (EC) No. 1187/20 00). This document covers all stages of production and guarantees both the origin of the product, main outstanding quality, and its traceability.

Note: According to EU regulation no. 2568/91 olive oil can only be defined as extra virgin if it complies with a series of chemical parameters, one of these parameters being the acidity level which must not exceed 0.8%. However Regulating Boards for different Protected Designation of Origin set up their own stricter parameters.

Montes de Toledo Protected  Designation of OriginWe offer extra virgin traditional and organic olive oils under the following Protected Designation of Origin:

Montes de Toledo Protected Designation of Origin: In the centre of Spain stands a mountain chain known as the Montes de Toledo, an area of the highest environmental value. This area is also the land of Don Quixote de la Mancha. Olive oil produced here has been praised by oil experts due to its extraordinary quality. This quality is due to certain weather and soil conditions optimal for the olive tree, as well as to the use of the Cornicabra variety. Only the best oils of the area may carry the Montes de Toledo Protected Designation of Origin. Sierra Magina Protected Designation of OriginMontes de Toledo extra virgin olive oils present tonalities ranging from golden yellow to intense green , depending on the harvest period. They tend to be fruity and have a noticeable balance between sweetness at first and a medium intense peppery flavour later. Their texture is smooth and velvety. Oils protected by the Montes de Toledo P.D.O. must have an acidity level below 0.7%.

Sierra Magina Protected Designation of Origin: This is the highest sierra in the province of Jaen in Southern Spain and the designation of origin with the largest area and production in the European Union. The zone of production is situated in the National Park with the same name. The majority of olive trees are more than a hundred years old and are to be found on hillsides. The olives are collected manually. The type of olive used is Picual. This variety contains the highest percentage of Oleic Acid 78.4 %( important to avoid cardiovascular diseases). Its oils are of the highest quality, very stable, fruity, and slightly bitter, with a deep aroma and yellowish- green in colour. Oils protected by the denomination of Origin Sierra Magina must have an acidity level of less than 0.5%.

The Traditional and organic extra virgin olive oils in the Protected Designation of Origin of Montes de Toledo, Sierra Magina and Sierra de Cazorla are of exceptional quality. They are the result of a chain that begins in the olive tree and finishes when the bottle reaches the consumer. This is identified by the stamp on the label with which the Regulating Council guarantees the origin and quality of the oil.