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Sopa De Ajo

Ingredients (Serves 6)

  •  10 garlic cloves
  •  6  eggs  (one per person)
  • 12  Slices of  stale bread
  • 150 g de jamón serrano (cut into small pieces)
  • 2.5 litres of chicken broth
  • Salt and pepper
  • 2  tablespoons of sweet paprika
  • 50 ml  extra virgin olive oil

Put the olive oil in a frying pan and fry the garlic until golden.  Add the jamon serrano and cook/stir with a wooden spoon to mix the flavours.  Next add the bread and stir  for a minute or so.  Remove from the heat.  Add the paprika, this must be done when the frying pan is away from the fire to avoid the paprika burning.   We mix all the ingredients well and we put the frying pan back on the fire at a very slow heat.  Add the broth and simmer for about 20 minutes. The broth or water must never boil.  After 20 minutes we add the other half of the bread (which we have previously tasted and cut into big squares).  We let them float on the surface intil they soften.  We add salt and  black pepper.  We then break the eggs into the soup and let them cook for 2 or 3 minutes until the eggs are cooked.  Served immediately on brown earthware if you have it.  Que aproveche!!

Healthy RecipesSpanish Vinaigrette
This vinaigrette is especially good on hot summer days.
½ cup Extra virgin olive oil
1 Whole fresh tomato
1 Hard boiled egg (remove yolk & chop the egg white separately)
1 Shallot
1 ts Finely chopped parsley
¼ Sherry vinegar tb
Salt and pepper to taste
Put the shallots, finely chopped tomato and chopped egg white in a medium size bowl.
In a separate bowl whisk the oil and vinegar; add salt and pepper.
Add the oil and vinegar to the tomatoes, shallots and chopped egg white
When serving sprinkle with chopped egg yolk and parsley
Sherry Wine Vinaigrette
¾ cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
¼ cup Sherry Wine Vinegar
1 Medium shallot, chopped
½ to 1 tablespoon Chopped fresh basil
1 Small garlic clove, crushed
Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
Mix all ingredients together and put in the refrigerator overnight. Allow to warm at room temperature before serving.

Basic Vinaigrette
1 tb Extra Virgin Olive Oil
¼ cup Red wine vinegar or rice wine
½ cup Water
1 ½ tb Apple juice
¼ ts Garlic powder
¼ ts Onion powder
1 ts Fresh Lemon Juice
1 ts Soy sauce
½ ts Dijon Mustard
Pinch of Red (cayenne) pepper
Place all ingredients in a jar with a tight-fitting lid and shake well. When mixture is well blended, place in the refrigerator until served
Chilli Vinaigrette
½ cup Extra virgin olive oil
¼ cups White wine vinegar
1 tb Mustard
1 tb Chilli paste
1 ts Ground cumin
Whisk together vinegar, mustard and oil. Add chilli paste and cumin. Serve
Basic French Vinaigrette
½ cup Extra virgin Olive Oil
1 tb White wine vinegar or fresh lemon juice
1/2 ts Dijon mustard
Salt and pepper to taste
In a bowl whisk together the vinegar, the mustard and salt and pepper to taste, add the oil last.
Basil Red Wine Vinaigrette
2/3 cup Extra virgin olive oil
1/3 cup Red wine vinegar
1 ½ ts Salt
1 ts Dried basil
½ ts Pepper
Combine all ingredients in a jar, cover tightly and shake vigorously
Celery Juice Vinaigrette
2/3 cup Extra virgin olive oil
1 ½ tb Organic celery juice
1 ts Fresh lemon juice
½ tb Champagne vinegar
Mix all ingredients and serve.
Healthy RecipesRoquefort Vinaigrette
4 tb Extra virgin olive oil
100 gr Roquefort cheese
1 Garlic clove crushed
2 ts White wine vinegar
½ ts Mustard
Salt and pepper to taste
Mango Vinaigrette
2/3 cup Extra virgin olive oil
1 cup Mango puree (2 medium mangoes pureed in food processor)
3 tb Honey
2 tb Chopped fresh parsley for garnish
1/3 cup Cider vinegar
1 ts White pepper
Combine all the ingredients, except the parsley, in a blender or food processor. Transfer the mixture to a bowl and garnish with the parsley.
Greek Vinaigrette
4 tb Extra Virgin olive oil
2 tb Vinegar
1 ts Sugar
1 Garlic crushed
Salt and black pepper
Mix all ingredients until the sugar and salt have dissolved
Honey and Sherry Vinegar Dressing
2 ts Extra Virgin olive oil
2ts Honey
2 ts Sherry Vinegar
Salt and pepper to taste
Combine the honey, vinegar and oil mixing well. Add salt and pepper to taste.
Mediterranean Eggs
Ingredients for 4 people
3 tb Extra virgin olive oil
4 Hard boiled eggs
50 gr Roquefort cheese
100 gr Pitted black olives
1 tb Cottage cheese
A few lettuce leaves to decorate
Shell the hard boiled eggs and slice them in half from top to bottom. Put aside a few whole olives to decorate the dish at the end and finely dice the rest. Mix the hard boiled egg yolks with the cheese, cottage cheese and the olive oil. Add the diced olives, holding some back for decoration, and stuff the eggs with this mixture. Put them on a serving dish with the stuffing face up and sprinkle with the diced olives held in reserve. Decorate with lettuce leaves and some whole olives and serve with mayonnaise
Andalucian Chicken
Ingredients for 4 people
1/3 cup Extra virgin olive oil
2 cups Canned pear juice
1 ½ cups Dry sherry
1 ½ cups Red wine vinegar
70 gr Brown sugar
1 ts Chopped fresh basil
1 ½ cups Marjoram
Salt and pepper to taste
12 Quarters of chicken
1 tin sliced pear
200 gr Spanish olives stuffed with peppers
160 gr Brown sugar
Make one layer of chicken on the base of an oven-proof casserole dish. Cover with the pears and olives. Pour the marinade over the chicken. Refrigerate for 4 hours or overnight. Put one teaspoon full of brown sugar on each portion of chicken. Bake at 190 C for one hour. Baste occasionally with its own juice. Serve on a bed of rice.
Spanish Red Pepper
Extra virgin olive oil
1 tin Red peppers
1 tin Tuna
Worcestershire sauce
Place the peppers on some kitchen paper to dry. Make a mayonnaise with olive oil, seasoned with mustard and Worcestershire sauce. Mix with the tuna and stuff the peppers.
Healthy RecipesSpanish Potato Omelette
1tb Extra virgin olive oil
1 kg Potatoes
5 Eggs
2 Large onions
Salt and pepper to taste
Slice the potatoes and the onions and fry them in olive oil until they are golden and crisp. Beat the eggs and mix with the potatoes and the onion. Fry the omelette in a non stick frying pan with a little olive oil. Leave it in the pan until the eggs set, about 5 minutes then turn the omelette over with a plate and fry on the other side. Cut the omelette into small squares to serve as a “tapa”.
Garlic Mushrooms
2 tb Extra virgin olive oil
500 gr Mushrooms
2 Garlic cloves, crushed
Chopped parsley
Choose mushrooms of a similar size remove the stems and put them to one side. Wash mushrooms and fry them in olive oil. Chop the stems and fry them with the chopped garlic and parsley. Stuff the mushrooms with the mixture and continue to fry them in the pan until they are golden. Serve hot
Garlic prawns (gambas al ajillo)
3tb Extra virgin olive oil
300 gr Prawns
4 Garlic cloves
Chopped parsley
Peel and clean the prawns, leaving the tails intact. Fry the very finely chopped garlic in a clay pot with the olive oil. Before the garlic is golden add the prawns and stir until they are cooked. Sprinkle with parsley and stir. Serve very hot